Harald Waiglein reappointed chair of the financial services committee

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The financial services committee (FSC) today reappointed Harald Waiglein as its chair for a second two-year term, starting on 14 June 2020. 

Harald Waiglein is the Director General for Economic and Finance at the Austrian ministry of finance. In this capacity, he represents Austria at the economic and financial committee (EFC) and the Eurogroup working group (EWG). He was first appointed FSC chair on 14 June 2018.

The FSC is a Council working group, composed of high-level representatives of the member states and the European Commission dealing with financial services matters. The committee serves as a forum for cross-sectoral strategic reflection in the area of financial services: it considers sensitive short-term issues while helping define medium and long-term strategies on these issues. It works closely with the EFC in preparing economic and financial affairs Council (ECOFIN) meetings.

The Financial Services Committee was first set up in 2003.