Human rights: Council adopts conclusions on EU priorities in UN human rights fora in 2019


The Council today adopted conclusions on EU priorities in UN human rights fora in 2019.

It reaffirms the EU’s commitment to promoting and protecting human rights, democracy and the rule of law, which also play a key role in ensuring peace and sustainable security.

The EU will continue to denounce human rights violations and abuseswherever they are committed, to call on states and non-state actors to prevent them and bring them to an immediate end, as well as to seek justice and accountability.

The EU will use all available tools and fora to fulfil its commitments to human rights and promote human rights globally, including in the framework of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Security Council and any other relevant fora, consistent with the EU Treaty and the UN Charter.

The EU reiterates that all human rights are to be realised worldwide, whether they are civil and political rights, or economic, social and cultural rights, and that there is no hierarchy of human rights.

Council conclusions on EU priorities at UN human rights fora are adopted on a yearly basis.

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