Hydrogen: Commissioner Breton takes part in Electrolyser Summit and Clean Hydrogen Alliance Forum

Commissioner responsible for the Internal MarketThierry Breton, attends the second edition of the Electrolyser Summit which takes place today and the 6th Clean Hydrogen Alliance Forum, which will take place tomorrow.

The Electrolyser Summit is attended by 44 CEOs and high-level representatives of the Electrolyser Partnership, who met to present the progress made to achieve the objectives of the  Joint Declaration signed in May 2022.  The members of the partnership had announced that they have already planned manufacturing capacity of 21GW by 2025, which is approaching ahead of time the 25GW objective in the Joint Declaration. This commitment shows that in the EU there are the right conditions to become an electrolyser manufacturing powerhouse in line with the Net Zero Industry Act objectives.

At the summit, companies announced their plans to construct or expand manufacturing facilities, including following the successful awarding of state aid through the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI). Overall, this could lead to 21GW capacity by 2025, reflecting the expected demand outlook in Europe and globally.

Tomorrow, the 6th Forum of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance will be joined by over 200 CEOs of businesses and organisations from the entire hydrogen value chain.

In the opening session, Commissioner Breton will exchange views on the progress towards deploying large-scale clean hydrogen projects with representatives of the Alliance’s six roundtables that cover hydrogen production, hydrogen transmission and distribution and its applications in energy, industry, mobility, and buildings. Participants will discuss the impact of the Commission’s proposal on the Net-Zero Industry Act, of the Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework and of the EU Delegated Acts on Renewable Hydrogen on the 840-plus projects in the Alliance pipeline.They will also touch upon the Hydrogen Bank, which aims to make renewable hydrogen more competitive, thus accelerating the deployment of projects while reducing the EU‘s dependence on fossil fuels.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance was created by the Commission in 2020.It brings together more than 1,700 organisations involved in deploying clean hydrogen in Europe. The agenda of the Forum is available here.  The meeting will be web streamed here.