In Parliament this week: security, tax evasion, EU’s long-term budget

A debate on security issues with the German and French interior ministers and visits by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and London Mayor Sadiq Khan are on the agenda of this week. In addition the UK is expected to formally start the process to withdraw from the EU by triggering article 50, while committees vote on measures to stop tax evasion by multinationals as well as on a mid-term revision of the EU’s long-term budget.


The civil liberties committee discusses the security situation in Europe with German interior minister Thomas de Maizière and French interior minister Matthias Fekl on Monday 27 March.

Tax evasion

The economics committee votes Monday on measures to make it harder for large corporations to evade taxes by exploiting differences between the tax systems of different countries.

The EU’s long-term budget

The budgets committee votes Monday on a mid-term revision of the EU’s long-term budget for 2014-2020 in order to better adjust it to new priorities. The aim is more EU funding for tackling the migration cris, increasing security and boosting grown and jobs.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visits the Parliament on Monday and London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Tuesday. They are both set to meet President Antonio Tajani.