Iraq: EU extends advisory mission on security sector reform

The Council today extended the mandate of the EU Advisory Mission in support of Security Sector Reform in Iraq (EUAM Iraq) until 30 April 2022.

The mandate, which was due to expire on 17 April 2020, was prolonged following the assessment of Iraqi needs. The mission will continue to provide advice and expertise at strategic level on the implementation of civilian aspects of Iraq’s security sector reform.

Moreover, EUAM Iraq will for the first time set up a project cell for identifying and implementing projects. The project cell will also play a key role in coordinating, facilitating and providing advice on projects implemented by EU member states and partner countries.

EUAM Iraq is based in Baghdad, and the mission’s overarching task is to support coherent implementation of the civilian related aspects of the Iraqi National Security Strategy and the security sector reform. This process, supported by several international partners, involves support to institutional reform and efforts to help counter terrorism (including countering violent extremism) and organised crime, with specific reference to border management, financial crime in particular corruption, money laundering and trafficking of cultural heritage goods.

EUAM Iraq is mandated to advise officials of the Office of the National Security Adviser and the Ministry of Interior who are responsible for driving the reform. The mission also regularly conduct visits at regional and provincial levels in support of Iraqi efforts to strengthen countrywide coordination as it relates to civilian security sector reform.

The Mission was launched on 16 October 2017 following a request from the Government of Iraq for support.