Joint Statement by Vice-President Ansip and Commissioner Jourová on the occasion of the 2016 Data Protection day

“Today, 28 January, marks the 10th European Data Protection day. Exactly one year ago, the European Commission committed to reaching an agreement on EU data protection reform. Less than a year later, in December 2015, we delivered on this promise, reaching a historic agreement with the European Parliament and Council, on rules that guarantee individuals’ fundamental right to data protection and create opportunities for businesses and innovation. The new rules will give citizens stronger rights, allowing them to have better control of their data and ensuring that their privacy remains protected in the digital age.  The digital future of Europe can only be built on trust. Citizens’ confidence in the online world is crucial for businesses to tap into big data’s vast economic potential. With one streamlined set of rules across the European Union, we will cut red tape and ensure legal certainty, so that both citizens and companies can benefit from the Digital Single Market…Today we have solid foundations on which we can continue our work to build a Digital Single Market and to allow better and safer flows of data. These flows are essential, between EU countries, but also between the EU and its closest partners. The European Commission is currently working on a renewed and safe framework on transfers of personal data with the United States. We need an arrangement that protects fundamental rights of Europeans and ensures legal certainty for businesses.” Full statement is available here.