Justice and Home Affairs (Home Affairs) Council of 28 September 2023 – 27 September 2023

Agenda highlights

Asylum and migration

The Council will be informed about the state-of-play about ongoing legislative discussions to reform EU asylum legislation. Ministers will also exchange views about the external dimension of migration – including on cooperation with external partners to manage migratory pressures.

Cooperation with Latin America

Another agenda item is the cooperation with Latin America on internal security aspects, following the working lunch on this topic. The objective of the lunch – which will bring together EU ministers and 14 ministers participating in the Latin American Committee for Internal Security (CLASI) – is to promote and strengthen the operational cooperation between the EU and Latin America in the fight against drug trafficking and against transnational organised crime.

Consequences of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

The implications of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine on the EU’s internal security also feature on the agenda.

Ministers will also discuss the extension of the temporary protection for persons having fled from Ukraine after the start of the war. This mechanism – which was activated on 4 March 2022 – allows displaced persons from Ukraine to enjoy harmonised rights related to for instance residence and medical assistance across the EU. It was initially granted for one year and has already been extended once until 4 March 2024. The Commission proposal is to extend it with another year until 4 March 2025.