Main topics and media events 20 May – 2 June 2019


Overview of the main subjects to be discussed at meetings of the Council of the EU over the next two weeks.

General Affairs Council, 21 May 2019

The Council will discuss funding for external action within the next long-term EU budget (MFF) and prepare for the June European Council. Under any other business, the Commission will present its communication on strengthening the rule of law in the EU.

Education, Youth, Culture and Sports, 22 and 23 May 2019

The EYCS Council will adopt conclusions on young people and the future of work, a recommendation on a comprehensive approach to the teaching and learning of languages, conclusions on young creative generations and conclusions on access to sport for persons with disabilities. Ministers will hold debates on topics in each of the four areas under the EYCS Council competence.

Foreign Affairs Council (Trade), 27 May 2019

The Council will discuss WTO reform and negotiations, EU-US trade relations, preparations for the signature of the EU-Vietnam trade agreements and other ongoing trade negotiations.

Competitiveness Council (Internal market, Industry, Research and Space), 27 and 28 May 2019

On 27 May, the Council will have public policy debates (and adopt relevant Council conclusions) on the future single market and industrial policy strategies. Furthermore, the Council will adopt conclusions on the competitiveness of the EU tourism sector. On 28 May, the Council will have a policy debate on space policy (and adopt conclusions in this field) and will discuss (in public) the impact of research and innovation on EU competitiveness. In the margins of the Council, the Space Council (EU + European Space Agency) will hold its ninth session.

Informal dinner of heads of state or government, 28 May 2019

The heads of state or government will discuss the outcome of the European Parliament elections and start the nomination process for the heads of the EU institutions.