MEPs call for the protection of fundamental values in the EU and worldwide

The threat to democracy and fundamental rights in several member states was the main issue discussed on Wednesday with Presidents Michel and von der Leyen.

During the debate on the results of the 24-25 June European Council, most speakers criticised Hungary’s recently-adopted law which prevents the depiction of LGBTIQ content in material intended for minors. Many MEPs called on the Council and the Commission to take action, on the ongoing Article 7 procedures and to fully apply the new budget conditionality rules.

Some speakers warned about the worrying risks to democracy, the rule of law and media freedom in other EU member states, while others defended the legal changes in Hungary and demanded respect for decisions taken by national authorities.

MEPs also raised the deteriorating international situation, particularly in Russia and Turkey. Many MEPs asked for a tougher EU stance on Russian belligerence and its interference in Ukraine and Belarus. Others worried about the rollback of democratic norms in Turkey and the continued cooperation with Ankara on migration management.

You can catch up with the debate via Video on Demand.