Moldova: Council adopts decision to sign agreement for Frontex operational support in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Council today adopted a decision on the signing of a status agreement between the EU and the Republic of Moldova regarding operational activities carried out by Frontex. The agreement will be signed today, so that Frontex operational support can be provided to Moldova as soon as possible under the provisional application of the agreement.

The Council also agreed to send the draft decision on the conclusion of the agreement to the European Parliament, which needs to give its consent for the final conclusion of the agreement.

A status agreement will allow Frontex to assist Moldova in border management, through the deployment of teams which can support Moldovan authorities in tasks such as registration and border checks.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine over 300 000 refugees have entered Moldova and the number continues to grow. Moldovan border management authorities are facing the challenge of regulating this influx of refugees while monitoring a border with an active war zone.

The EU is currently providing support to these efforts through an existing working arrangement with Frontex concluded in 2008, which allows for information exchange, training and coordination of certain joint operational measures. On 14 March 2022, the Council authorised the opening of negotiations on a status agreement, which will allow for additional operational support to quickly respond to the current challenges.