More transparency and predictability at work: provisional agreement reached between the Romanian Presidency of the Council and the European Parliament


The Romanian Presidency of the Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on a directive aimed at making working conditions across the EU more transparent and predictable.

The agreement will now be submitted to the member states’ representatives in the Council of the EU for endorsement.

The new law aims to respond to the labour market challenges triggered by demographic developments, digitalisation and new forms of employment. When adopted, it will repeal the written statement directive dating from 1991 and introduce new minimum rights and new rules on the substance, form and timing of information provided to workers on their working conditions.

“New forms of work provide opportunities, but also create uncertainty as to workers rights and social protection. The directive will introduce a set of minimum rights aimed at increasing security and predictability in the relationships between workers and employers.”
Marius-Constantin Budăi, Minister of Labour and Social Justice of Romania

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