New European Professional Card makes it easier for professionals to work in other EU countries

From today, practicing a profession in another EU country becomes easier for general care nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, real estate agents and mountain guides, thanks to the European Professional Card (EPC). With the EPC these professions can get their qualification recognised in another EU country more efficiently – the assessment will be made on the basis of existing rules but the mechanism will be simplified through an electronic procedure. At the same time, the system provides for safeguards preventing abuse: an alert mechanism ensures that EU patients and consumers are adequately protected. Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska responsible for Internal market, industry, entrepreneurship and SMEs said: “The European Professional Card is a big step forward in making it easier and faster for qualified Europeans to work where their competences are needed, sought and appreciated. It is a practical tool that brings benefits not only to professionals, but also to people who want their services. It is yet another real benefit of the EU Single Market.” The EPC is not a plastic card, but an electronic certificate issued through the first fully online EU-wide procedure for the recognition of qualifications. Based on practical experience with its functioning, the EPC may be extended to other mobile professions in the future. More details are available on the DG GROWTH website