New Pact on Migration and Asylum: final adoption of revised EU Blue Card to attract highly skilled workers to Europe

Today the Council adopted new rules for the entry and residence of highly skilled workers from outside the EU, following the positive vote by MEPs on 15 September. This marks the final adoption of the new rules which Member States will need to transpose within two years of publication in the Official Journal. Under the revised Blue Card Directive, highly skilled workers will be able to move more easily between EU Member States and will have more flexibility to change their position or employer in the EU. Requirements for salary, duration of employment and skills and qualifications recognition will be simplified and new rules will make it easier for family members of EU Blue Card holders to come to the EU. Finally, highly skilled beneficiaries of international protection will now be eligible to apply for an EU Blue Card. As one of the key objectives of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum, the new scheme will attract new skills and talent the EU needs and by providing a legal pathway for workers to the EU, it will also help to address irregular migration. More information on the new rules is available here.