New transition pathway to support the chemical industry’s green and digital transitions

Today, the Commission published a transition pathway for the chemical industry presenting a joint plan prepared with key representatives of the chemical industry, NGOs and other interested parties.

The pathway helps to prepare a business case and a roadmap for investments towards safe and sustainable chemicals. The outlined actions, to be implemented by the entire ecosystem, seek to foster innovation collaboration, information gathering to support feedstock diversification; and improve clean energy supply thanks to electrification, hydrogen production or waste reuse.  These measures can support the transformation of the chemicals industry, ensure its competitiveness and its contribution to the manufacturing of the green and digital technologies of tomorrow.

The pathway also contains an overview of the timeline of regulatory actions in this industrial ecosystem. The Commission will present the pathway at the High-Level Roundtable on the implementation of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, on 1st February. Interested parties will then work together to jointly implement the agreed actions, further assess investment needs and present their commitments for the transition.

The Commission proposed to develop transition pathways in different ecosystems in the May 2021 Industrial Strategy Update, as part of efforts to accelerate the green and digital transformation of European industry. So far, the Commission delivered, jointly with interested parties, transition pathways in the field the Tourism, Energy Intensive Industries and Proximity and Social Economy ecosystems. The transition pathway for the chemical industry and more information about the EU chemical industry can be found here.