NextGenerationEU: Commission receives payment request from Czechia for €928 million in grants under the Recovery and Resilience Facility

This is Czechia’s first payment request and relates to 37 milestones and targets covering investments in railway infrastructure and in digital tools for education, as well as reforms of school curricula and eHealth. The request includes a milestone on audit and control and conflicts of interest, aimed at protecting the Union’s financial interests.

Czechia’s recovery and resilience plan is financed by €7.04 billion in grants, with €640 million in additional grants still available for request. As with all Member States, payments under the RRF are performance-based and contingent on Czechia implementing the investments and reforms outlined in its recovery and resilience plan.

The Commission will now assess the request and will then send its preliminary assessment to the Council’s Economic and Financial Committee. More information on the process of assessing Member States’ payment requests under the RRF is available in this Q&A.

More information on Czechia’s recovery and resilience plan is available here.