Parliament backs Lithuanian candidate for the Court of Auditors

On Tuesday, Parliament endorsed the nomination of Laima Andrikienė from Lithuania to join the European Court of Auditors.

367 MEPs voted in favour of Ms Andrikienė’s candidacy, 205 against, and 64 abstained.

The Budgetary Control Committee endorsed her nomination after a hearing on 6 October.

Laima Liucija Andrikienė, who was nominated by the Lithuanian government, is a former member of the European Parliament and is currently a member of the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas), where she chairs the foreign affairs committee.

Next steps

The final decision on Ms Andrikienė’s appointment will be taken by EU member states.


The EU Treaty allows each member state to propose a candidate for the European Court of Auditors. Member states collectively, after consulting Parliament, appoint a nominee for a six-year term. The mandate of the previous Lithuanian member of the ECA expired on 15 June 2022. Lithuania has had three different ECA members, two of whom were women