Parliament delegation joins COP28 climate talks

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A Parliament delegation arrives in Dubai today to participate in the COP28 climate change conference, which reviews progress on the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

An official delegation led by Chair Peter Liese (EPP, DE) and Vice-Chair Mohammed Chahim (S&D, NL) is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, between 8 and12 December to participate in the UN COP28 Climate Change Conference.

The European Parliament adopted its demands ahead of this year’s global climate talks on 21 November 2023. At the COP, MEPs will meet with ministers, parliamentarians, civil society representatives, leaders of international climate organisations and other delegates.

A joint press conference with delegation Chair Peter Liese and Climate Action Commissioner Wopke Hoekstra is scheduled to take place on Friday 8 December at 15.00 GST (12.00 CET), in the Press Conference Room 1 (zone B8). It can be followed live here.

On Sunday 10 December (14.30-15.30 GST – 11.30-12.30 CET), the European Parliament is hosting a side event at the EU pavilion entitled “Methane Pledge two years on – working together to pick the low hanging fruit of mitigation”. It can be followed live here.


“The European Union is tremendously ambitious when it comes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. We have adopted legislation that not only brings us to -55% until 2030, as we committed to, but even to minus-57%. This will bring our per capita emissions of currently 6.32 t down below 3.88 t compared to current per capita emissions of 14.44 t in the United States, 21.75t in the Emirates or 8.85t in China. Unfortunately, we can only mitigate climate change sufficiently if other major emitters follow us. Countries like the USA, China and the golf states are far away from this kind of commitment. Even if the USA is successful in reducing its emissions by 50-52% compared to 2005 levels, they will reach 9.98 t. However, it is a good sign that we see a lot of interest in EU climate legislation like ETS and CBAM, and our goal is to encourage the rest of the world to follow,” said Peter Liese, Chair of the delegation.

“The impacts of climate change have become increasingly evident and unavoidable, particularly over the past year, which is now recognised as the warmest on record. The significance of COP28 cannot be overstated in maintaining our global warming levels targets as set out in the Paris Agreement. Our focus must shift towards ensuring that developed countries follow through by contributing to the Loss and Damage Fund established in 2022. While some progress within Europe is already evident, it is crucial to gain substantial contributions from the United States and China. Furthermore, it is my earnest hope that COP28 will witness the establishment of a comprehensive global goal for the phased reduction and eventual phase out of fossil fuels. This vision is imperative if we aspire to witness the complete transformation of our industry,” Mohammed Chahim, Vice-Chair of the delegation, said.


COP28 takes place from 30 November to 12 December 2023 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The Paris Agreement entered into force on 4 November 2016. The Global Stocktake takes place every five years, with the first-ever stocktake scheduled to conclude at COP28, aims to provide an overall picture of its implementation progress.