President Tusk and US vice president Pence pledge transatlantic unity

Meeting on 20 February in Brussels, Donald Tusk and US vice president Mike Pence spoke with one voice in support of the idea of a united Europe and in defence of a rules-based international order.

Three times ‘yes’

“I asked the vice president directly if he shared my opinions on three key matters: international order, security and the attitude of the new American administration towards the European Union. (…) I heard three times ‘yes’!”

President Donald Tusk

President Tusk also added that the EU counted on the “United States’ wholehearted and unequivocal support for the idea of a united Europe”.

In response, vice president Pence said that the US administration’s commitment to the idea of European integration was “steadfast and enduring”. He added that the US was ready to deepen political and economic partnership with the EU, with which it shares the same values and purpose.

President Tusk said that the order based on the rules of international law, which lies in the interest of the West can only be maintained “through a common, mutually supportive and decisive policy of the whole of the Western community.”

“The reports of the death of the West have been greatly exaggerated. Whoever wants to demolish that order, anticipating a post-West order, must know that in its defence we will remain determined”, he added.

Both leaders agreed that European security was based on NATO and the closest possible transatlantic cooperation. President Tusk said that all aspects of the NATO and security cooperation were open for discussion, including “financial commitments”. These discussions, however, should be guided by the primary goal, which is to strengthen solidarity, he said.

The meeting in Brussels was part of vice president Pence’s first foreign trip since taking office in January.