Press conference by President Juncker, President Tusk and President of the United States, Barack Obama

Following the EU-US leaders’ meeting which took place this morning in Warsaw ahead of the NATO Summit, President Juncker underlined the centrality of the US, NATO and the EU to the global order. “We complement each other and together we provide security to Europe, our neighbourhood and beyond” President Juncker said, adding that we can still work more closely together – “that’s why we’re here today”, he added. On the morning’s meetings, which included discussions on the consequences entailed by British vote to leave the European Union , President Juncker repeated that there is no negotiation until the British authorities have notified under Article 50 (TEU) their intention to leave the European Union, but added “I do think that even after the referendum the European Union and the United Kingdom share a community of interest, not only in the defence and the military sector, but in all the relevant sectors of the international life mainly as far as trade is concerned”, reiterating the commitment to keep Britain as a strong ally in NATO and as a strong partner. Finally, President Juncker confirmed that TTIP had been discussed, and added that “we want to conclude these negotiations before the end of this year” for which the European Commission has received a mandate from EU Heads of State or Government. President Juncker‘s remarks are available online.