Press remarks by President von der Leyen on the occasion of the adoption of the European Green Deal Communication

“Check against delivery”

This is a very special day. This morning, the College of Commissioners agreed on the European Green Deal.

The European Green Deal is on the one hand our vision for a climate neutral continent in 2050 and it is on the other hand a very dedicated roadmap to this goal. It is fifty actions for 2050.

Our goal is to reconcile the economy with our planet, to reconcile the way we produce and the way we consume with our planet and to make it work for our people.

Therefore, the European Green Deal is on the one hand about cutting emissions, but on the other hand it is about creating jobs and boosting innovation.

I am convinced that the old growth-model that is based on fossil-fuels and pollution is out of date, and it is out of touch with our planet. The European Green Deal is our new growth strategy – it is a strategy for growth that gives more back than it takes away.

And we want to really make things different. We want to be the frontrunners in climate friendly industries, in clean technologies, in green financing.

But we also have to be sure that no one is left behind.

In other words: This transition will either be working for all and be just, or it will not work at all. And therefore, a crucial part in the European Green Deal is the Just Transition Mechanism. We have the ambition to mobilise EUR 100 billion precisely targeted to the most vulnerable regions and sectors.

The European Green Deal is a broad roadmap: We care also about biodiversity and forests, agriculture and food, green cities and for example the circular economy.

We do not have all the answers yet. Today is the start of a journey. But this is Europe’s ‘man on the moon’ moment. The European Green Deal is very ambitious, but it will also be very careful in assessing the impact and every single step we are taking.

The European Green Deal is an invitation for all to participate.

European citizens are changing their lifestyle to help protect the climate and the planet. Therefore, our European Green Deal tells them that Europe is at their side. The European Green Deal is something – I am convinced – we owe to our children because we do not own this planet. We just do have for certain time the responsibility and now it is time to act.

Thank you very much.

I am now running to Parliament, I will present there the European Green Deal with Frans Timmermans to Parliament.

Then, tomorrow, I will present the European Green Deal to our leaders in the European Council. And Frans Timmermans will present the European Green Deal at the COP25 in Madrid.

Thank you very much.