Press statement by President Donald Tusk at the press conference before the G7 summit

Good morning, Grüss Gott. I am happy to be here in the Bavarian Alps for the G7 summit. Especially because it is my very first one. Still I remember well that every G summit (G7, G8, G20) causes emotions and opposition. The current demonstrations are proof of it. Freedom and pluralism matter as much to those who demonstrate as to us. I believe that G7 is the best guarantee, that the countries from the G7 group are the best guarantee, that those values, freedom and pluralism, have survived and will survive. We do not need to apologise for our meeting, it is only because of the G7 countries that people can demonstrate, can think what they want, can say what they want and even look like they want. I am sorry for this maybe too trivial truth, but from time to time it is important that someone says it so openly. read the full speech here