REACT-EU: More than €31 million to support people fleeing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and for the economic recovery of four Polish regions

The Commission has approved an investment of more than €31 million through REACT-EU under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for four Polish regions to strengthen their economy and the health and social infrastructure along with measures to welcome people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The voivodeship of Silesia will receive €12 million for improving the digitalisation of the region, increasing energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources and the development of a low-carbon economy. Western Pomerania will receive additional resources of more than €3 million to support local authorities and NGOs for projects related to the adaptation of existing infrastructure to ensure adequate conditions, including social and living conditions, for those fleeing the war in Ukraine. The Lublin region is receiving additional resources of almost €16 million for interventions in green energy production, digitalisation and energy efficiency of public sector buildings of the health sector. The Podkarpackie region receives €10 million for projects in renewable energy sources, to support the thermal insulation and modernisation of the buildings of the Mountain Rescue Services and to support refugees from Ukraine through investments in sheltered flats. The 2021 tranche of REACT-EU had allocated €40 billion to help Member States recovering from the pandemic, investing in digital and green transition and now hosting and integrating people fleeing the war in Ukraine. In addition, the Commission has paid €3.5 billion of pre-financing payments to Member States under REACT-EU since March 2022. The most recent comprehensive package ‘Flexible Assistance to Territories (FAST-CARE)‘, proposed by the Commission, further extends the support to Member States by offering additional flexibility in Cohesion Policy funding while also increasing pre-financing payments by an additional €3.5 billion to be paid in 2022 and 2023. The final date of eligibility for this expenditure is 31 December 2023.