Remarks by President Donald Tusk after meeting with President Donald Trump

During my meeting with President Trump, we discussed foreign policy, security, climate and trade relations.

My feeling is that we agreed on many areas. First and foremost, on counterterrorism, and I am sure that I do not have to explain why. But some issues remain open, like climate and trade. And I am not 100 per cent sure that we can say today -we meaning Mr. President Trump and myself- that we have a common opinion about Russia, although when it comes to the conflict in Ukraine, it seems that we were on the same line.

However, my main message to President Trump was that what gives our cooperation and friendship its deepest meaning are fundamental Western values, like freedom, human rights and respect for human dignity.

The greatest task today is the consolidation of the whole free world around those values, and not just interests.

Values and principles first – this is what we, Europe and America, should be saying.