September infringement package: Commission acts for full, proper and timely implementation of EU law for the benefit of citizens and businesses

To help citizens and businesses benefit fully from the internal market, the European Commission continuously engages with and, if necessary, initiates infringement procedures against Member States who do not respect European law. This month, as part of its monthly package of infringement decisions, the Commission decided to refer a number of Member States to the Court of Justice of the European Union: Malta – in the area of Environment, Germany and Lithuania – in the area of Mobility and Transport. In addition, the Commission is sending 13 reasoned opinions to a total of 11 Member States: Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain. As a reminder, on 23 September 2015, the European Commission launched 40 infringements procedures against several Member States to make the European Asylum System work better. A press release on this is available online. A summary of the key decisions as well as the contact details of the relevant Spokespeople can be found in the fact sheet and in the corresponding press releases for Malta, Germany and Lithuania. On the general infringement procedure, a memo is also available here.