Stand #WithHer and help end violence against women and girls

Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen and Dr. Natalia Kanem, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Executive Director, will launch tomorrow in Brussels the campaign #WithHer to help end violence against women and girls. #WithHer is a digital engagement campaign for European audiences. It draws from the Spotlight Initiative, a global partnership between the EU and United Nations to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls by 2030. It will raise awareness of, and challenge, harmful gender norms and stereotypes that perpetuate violence against women. The campaign seeks to engage citizens into recognising and tackling prejudices and violence in their own community and beyond. “Any kind of violence against women and girls is unacceptable and must be eradicated. Each and every one of us must contribute to this goal. I would like to invite you all to stand #WithHer, to speak up and make a difference. Help us end violence against women and girls and create a better world for all”, Commissioner Urpilainen said ahead of the event. “Ensuring women’s full and effective participation in society is the only way forward to truly achieve inclusive societies.” UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Kanem said, “Violence against women and girls, often by an intimate partner, is a widespread problem of epidemic proportions. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. We need to shine a light on this brutal human rights violation and urgent public health issue. It must no longer be an unspoken taboo, hiding in the shadows“. The campaign #WithHer and the Spotlight Initiative are part of a broader strategy by the European Commission to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment within and outside the EU. The campaign is launched at the same time as the EU Gender Equality Strategy. More information about #WithHer launch, a Q&A on Spotlight and a media advisory and press kit are available online.