Statement by President Donald Tusk on the outcome of the Presidential elections in the United States

This morning we congratulated President-elect Trump on his victory. While respecting the democratic choice of the American people, we are at the same time aware of the new challenges that these results bring.  One of them is this moment of uncertainty over the future of our transatlantic relations.

It is good to remember the strength of the Western community. Italians, Irish, Poles, Germans, Spanish – every EU nation has helped build America. And by coming to our aid in the most dramatic moments of our XXth century history, the United States did more than anyone else to help build the European Union. Our links are strong, instinctive, spiritual and biological. No-one can take them away, or make us give up our shared memories and values such as freedom, solidarity and respect for the individual.

The events of the last months and days should be treated as a warning sign for all who believe in liberal democracy. This means that we should finally get our act together and bring back a sense of direction, bring back confidence, bring back a sense of order.  Also in the global context whether we talk about trade, migration or security.

To get there, Europe and the United States simply have no option but to cooperate as closely as possible. I listened with attention to President-elect Trump’s call for American unity. And I, in turn, would like to call for European and transatlantic unity.  I do not believe that any country today can be great in isolation. But I do believe that America and Europe can, should and will work together. It is in our common interest. We have to recognise that this will take major efforts from both sides. The EU is a strong and reliable partner and will remain so. We expect the same from America