Statement of the Euro Summit, 22 March 2024

  1. We discussed the economic and financial situation. Economic activity is subdued in the near term. With inflation on a declining path supporting real incomes, the conditions are in place for a gradual recovery going forward. We remain united in our steadfast determination to increase the resilience and competitiveness of our economies.
  2. We invite the Eurogroup to closely monitor economic and fiscal developments. Continued close coordination of our economic policies will be instrumental to the consistent and effective implementation of the comprehensive reform of the EU economic governance framework.
  3. Open, well-functioning and integrated European capital markets are crucial to promote the Single Market, improve funding sources for growing companies, including SMEs, and to offer attractive saving opportunities to EU citizens. This is key to boosting EU investment, competitiveness and innovation, thereby ensuring sustainable growth and job creation. Taking note of the letter of the President of the Eurogroup of 18 March 2024, we are determined to urgently speed up the deepening of our Capital Markets Union, which will be key to mobilising the substantial financing needed for the green and digital transitions.