Team Europe announces over €750 million to the African Vaccines Manufacturing Accelerator

The European Union and its Member States announced that they will contribute over €750 million (more than $800 million), including close to €220 million ($233 million) from the EU budget, to the African Vaccines Manufacturing Accelerator (AVMA) launched today in Paris. Through this innovative instrument, developed by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance together with Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), it will be possible to enhance the predictability of demand for vaccines made in Africa. Importantly, it will also support the sustainable growth of Africa’s manufacturing base and contribute to the African Union’s ambition to produce most vaccines required by African countries on the continent. The EU and its Member States France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Luxembourg are together the largest contributor to the initiative. AVMA will further complement the existing Team Europe initiative on Manufacturing and Access to Vaccines, Medicines and Health Technologies in Africa (MAV+).

The African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator is expected to purchase more than 800 million doses produced in Africa over the next decade. It also has the potential to improve African pandemic and outbreak preparedness and response and support global health security. For these purposes, it will make more than €1 billion ($1.1 billion) available to manufacturers as a way of offsetting high start-up costs and providing assurance of demand. The initiative will diversify the set of global vaccine suppliers with a target of at least four African vaccine manufacturers entering the market in a sustainable way.


Supporting vaccine production while promoting equitable access to essential health products, technologies and primary healthcare services is an opportunity to target several development objectives and geopolitical priorities shared by the EU and the African Union. These include job creation, diversification of global value chains and innovation.

As part of the EU’s Global Gateway strategy, the EU, its Member States and European financial institutions have been investing in Africa’s vaccine manufacturing capacity using a 360-degree approach. Through the MAV+ initiative, Team Europe is working to create an enabling environment for the industry, support training a skilled workforce in the sector, strengthen the regulatory environment and support African research and technology transfer. This flagship initiative ultimately promotes equitable access to quality, safe, effective and affordable health products. Including the AVMA contribution, Team Europe is dedicating a total of around €2 billion to this agenda in close collaboration with African and international partners.

AVMA contribution amounts are defined in US dollars, the euro amounts are based on an average historical rate.