The Commission adopts first State of the Energy Union Report

The first State of the Energy Union Report shows that much progress has already been made since the adoption of the Energy Union Framework Strategy nine months ago. Still much remains to be done, and 2016 will be an important year of delivery. The Energy Union Framework Strategy created a new momentum to bring about the transition to a low-carbon, secure and competitive economy. The Commission has also committed to report annually on the state of the Energy Union in order to address the key issues and steer the policy debate. The State of the Energy Union Report, published today for the first time, looks at progress made over the last nine months and identifies key action areas for 2016 and provides policy conclusions at Member State, regional and European level. This is a central element to monitor the implementation of this key priority of the Juncker Commission. The full press release on the State of Energy Union is available online. The Commission today also adopted the second list of Projects of Common Interest (PCIs). It is a list of 195 key energy infrastructure projects which will help deliver Europe’s energy and climate objectives. The press release on Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) is available online. Full list of projects of common interest by Priority Corridor is available here.