The Commission approves a new protected geographical indication from Italy

The European Commission has approved the registration of “Pesca di Delia” from Italy in the register of protected geographical indications (PGI). The “Pesca di Delia” refers to yellow or white flesh peaches and yellow flesh nectarines produced in the south west of Sicily. Their specific taste is characterised by a distinctive flavour of the fruit, accompanied by a pronounced sweetness. The climatic, environmental and soil conditions of the production area lead to such flavours thanks to a particularly fertile land, rich in nutrients, which feeds the plant from the early stages of growth until ripening. Combined with the skills of the local producers, these fruits distinguish themselves from similar fruits grown elsewhere. The “Pesca di Delia” thanks to its three ripening periods, ranging from end of May to early October, has a particularly long production period compared to peaches and nectarines produced in other areas. This new geographical indication will join 1,549 already protected food products listed in the eAmbrosia database. For more information, see also the pages on quality policy.