The Commission presents a new Human Resources Strategy to attract top talent from all Member States and deliver on priorities as well as a Communication on Greening to become climate-neutral by 2030

Today, the Commission adopted a new Human Resources Strategy to enable it to perform at the highest level in the interest of all Europeans by offering a modern workplace and rewarding careers that attract top talents from all Member States. As part of the Strategy, today’s Communication on Greening lays out how the Commission will become climate-neutral by 2030. It thereby sets a good example of corporate climate action, in line with the spirit of the policy proposals to deliver the European Green Deal. The Commission will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2030 compared to 2005 and compensate remaining emissions with carbon removals.

The Strategy focuses on three strategic priorities:

1. An attractive workplace

The Commission will strengthen its attractiveness as an employer to hire and retain the best talent from all Member States and reflect the diversity of the European society it serves. This Strategy will boost existing efforts to create an inclusive, sustainable and flexible work environment with family-friendly working conditions and attractive professional development perspectives for all. Through new actions, we will continue to actively promote a working environment that is discrimination-free, inclusive, gender-balanced and accessible for persons with disabilities.

In addition, the Communication on Greening the Commission will align the way we work with the political priorities we are working for, with specific measures, which will be implemented immediately:

  • Further reducing emissions from Commission buildings in Brussels and at other Commission sites;
  • A smarter and greener policy for business travel, without undermining the need to maintain a presence in Member States and reach out to citizens;
  • Encouraging staff to increase their use of sustainable transport for commuting, and replacing the corporate conventional vehicle fleet with electric cars.

2. Faster and more agile selection and recruitment

The Commission, in cooperation with the European Personnel Selection Office, will introduce modern, faster, and more flexible selection and recruitment procedures for external and internal candidates. The aim is to select the most talented and suitable individuals, ensure a level playing field for applicants from diverse backgrounds, and retain internal talent.

The Commission will also work with under-represented Member States, in order to shape a better geographical balance among its staff.

3. A flexible and rewarding career for all staff

The new HR Strategy will reinforce the career perspectives of staff by promoting internal and external mobility at all levels and in all places of employment. Career guidance, mentoring, coaching and headhunting will be reorganised and strengthened.

All three priorities will be supported by a fourth, cross-cutting priority: the streamlining of HR services, simplifying, digitalising and speeding up procedures. Services will be designed with the end user in mind and be smart aiming at providing quick support and solutions. This will be enabled by effective HR IT tools that meet staff expectations and business requirements.

Members of the College said

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “Since I have taken office as President of the Commission, I have witnessed the amazing commitment and skill of the women and men who staff this administration. It is thanks to our staff that the Commission delivered on the political priorities I set out at the beginning of my mandate, and successfully steered the EU through the COVID-19 pandemic. And now our staff are working hard to coordinate the EU’s solidarity with Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion and strengthen the EU’s resilience. The new Human Resources Strategy will help adapt their working environment, drawing the lessons from the pandemic and continuing to drive forward our ambition to become a climate-neutral administration.

Commissioner Johannes Hahn, in charge of Budget and Administration, added: “This Strategy enables our organisation to be fit for the future by addressing the immediate and emerging needs, from digital transformation to changing workplace structures, geopolitical challenges and the climate crisis. Our key words are: trust, people first, flexibility, digital and green.”


The development of a new Human Resources Strategy for the Commission is part of President von der Leyen‘s mission letter to Commissioner Hahn. The Strategy was developed after an extensive consultation process with Commission staff and management and the main stakeholders. DG Human Resources and Security, and the other Commission services involved will now implement the Strategy through a series of actions outlined in the text. The Communication on Greening and the Decision on working time and hybrid working are the first such actions.

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