The EU Budget for 2019: Commission makes a new proposal to achieve growth, solidarity and security in Europe and beyond

In the context of the negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council on the draft budget for 2019, the European Commission has today put forward a second proposal. It foresees a budget of €165 billion in commitments, and €148 billion in payments, which reflects the discussions that took place between Council and Parliament during the November 2018 conciliation period.

With this new proposal, the Commission seeks to bridge the respective positions of the European Parliament and the Council so that the EU will be able to continue investing ingrowth and jobs, research and innovation, students and young people – the priorities of the Juncker Commission – also in 2019. Commenting on the proposal, Günther H. Oettinger, in charge of Budget and Human Resources, said: “It is in the interest of all Europeans that the EU institutions quickly reach a deal on a budget for 2019. I therefore urge the European Parliament and the Council to make compromises so that the EU continues to provide the much needed funding to researchers, students, businesses, farmers and the socially deprived.” The proposal is based on the understanding that the United Kingdom will continue to contribute to and participate in the implementation of EU budgets until the end of 2020 as if it were a Member State. Detailed information about the proposal is available here.