The Regulatory Scrutiny Board presents the 2020 annual report

The European Commission’s Regulatory Scrutiny Board – an independent body within the Commission that advises the College of Commissioners – has just published its annual report for 2020 covering the first year of the von der Leyen Commission, and the fifth year of the Board’s operations. The Board’s annual report provides an overview of activities in the past year, and reflections on current trends and practices in the Better Regulation agenda. In 2020, the Board independently scrutinised a large number of impact assessments, evaluations and fitness checks of the new flagship initiatives of the von der Leyen Commission – including for the European Green Deal and the Digital Agenda. The Board stressed that coherence needs to be carefully considered when assessing these interlinked initiatives. Vice-President of Interinstitutional Relations and Foresight, Maroš Šefčovič, said: “I welcome the Regulatory Scrutiny Board’s contribution in making the Commission’s proposals coherent and firmly based on evidence. The annual report shows that the Board has responded well to the challenges of the past year, among others by giving advice to the Commission’s departments early on.” Read more about the Regulatory Scrutiny Board here.