The Week Ahead 03 – 09 September 2018

Safer products. New legislation to better prevent unsafe products from being sold in the EU is up for a vote in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. The new provisions would foster cooperation among national authorities and improve checks on products sold online or imported from non-EU countries. Some inspections have shown that 32% of toys, 58% of electronics, 47% of construction products or 40% of personal protective equipment do not meet EU safety or consumer information requirements. (Monday)

Fraud/non-cash payments. A new proposal aiming to fight fraud coming from non-cash payments (cards, direct debit, mobile payments) will be voted on by the Civil Liberties Committees. The draft law would introduce definition of cybercrime offences, minimum levels for the highest penalties, provisions for the rights of cybercrime victims and improve criminal justice cooperation. (Monday)

New VAT system. A comprehensive reform of the EU VAT system to facilitate and simplify intra-EU trade and make the system more resilient to fraud is up for a vote by the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. It would apply the principle of destination, whereby goods and services would be taxed at the VAT rates of the member state of destination, and set up a one-stop shop to serve for the declaration, payment and deduction of the tax. (Monday)

Plenary preparations. Political groups will prepare for the State of the Union (#SOTEU) debate with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to be held on the morning of 12 September in Strasbourg. The 10-13 September plenary session also includes a debate with Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on the future of the EU and votes on the reform of EU copyright rules as well as the European Solidarity Corps, antimicrobial resistance, the Cybersecurity Act and EU-wide penalties against money laundering. MEPs will also vote on whether to initiate the procedure to determine if Hungary is breaching the EU’s founding values.

Conference of Presidents/SOTEU. The EP Conference of Presidents (EP President and political groups’ leaders) will meet with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to prepare the State of the Union debate. (Thursday)


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