The Week Ahead 13 – 19 November 2017


Anti-dumping. Parliament will vote on an informal agreement with member states on new rules to protect EU industries, workers and consumers from dumped and subsidized imports from third countries and include provisions on compliance with international environmental and labour standards in anti-dumping investigations. A press conference is scheduled after the vote at 15:00. (Debate Tuesday, vote Wednesday).

Asylum seekers. Parliament will be ready to start talks with EU governments on the revised Dublin rules, as MEPs are expected to approve its negotiating mandate in plenary session. The amended rules should ensure that asylum seekers are fairly shared among all EU countries, irrespective of where they enter the EU.

Malta. The rule of law in Malta is up for a debate on Tuesday, following the brutal murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, a Maltese journalist noted for her work on corruption. MEPs will vote on a resolution to wrap up the debate on Wednesday. On Tuesday at 16.30h, a ceremony in the presence of President Tajani and Ms Caruana Galizia’s family will be held to officially name the European Parliament’s press conference room in Strasbourg in her honour.

Paradise papers. Ongoing media revelations about large-scale tax evasion using offshore accounts which deprive public budgets of possibly billions in revenue are up for debate with the Council and Commission on Tuesday morning.

Poland. The rule of law and democracy will be up for a debate on Wednesday morning, with a resolution voted on the same day.

Safer online buying. Online buying will be safer with new rules enabling national authorities to swiftly identify and halt online scams and fraud, and step up cross-border cooperation to ensure safer e-commerce.

Car safety. Driver assistance systems to help prevent crashes, in particular involving cyclists and pedestrians, should become mandatory in new cars, MEPs say in a draft resolution to be voted on Tuesday.

Slovak President. Andrej Kiska, President of the Slovak Republic, will address plenary in a formal sitting on Wednesday. A press point with President Tajani is scheduled at 12.45.

LUX Prize. President Antonio Tajani will announce the winner of the 2017 Lux film prize on Tuesday at noon, in the chamber, in the presence of the three finalist film-makers. After the award ceremony, the 2017 laureate will participate in a press conference at 15:00.

President’s diary. EP President Antonio Tajani will meet the nominees of LUX Prize on Tuesday.  On Wednesday he will meet with the President of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Andrej Kiska before the latter will address the plenary. On Thursday, the President will pay an official visit to Sweden where he will meet Crown Princess Victoria  and Urban Ahlin, Speaker of the Swedish Parliament. On Friday he will take part in the informal meeting of the Heads of State and Government in Gothenburg and sign the European Pillar of Social Rights (followed by a press conference).

Pre-session press briefing. The EP Press Service will hold its regular last minute session briefing at 16.30 on Monday. (EP Press conference room, Strasbourg)