The Week Ahead 16 – 22 April 2018

Plenary session – Strasbourg

French president Macron. Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic of France, will debate the future of Europe with MEPs and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday morning, starting at 10:00. This is the fourth in a series of plenary debates between EU government leaders and MEPs reflecting on the future of the EU.

Turn waste into value. To build a circular economy where household waste ends up being recycled and reused, MEPs will discuss and vote on the so-called “waste package”. The four legislative proposals to reduce landfilling and increase recycling have been formally agreed by member states and Parliament’s negotiators. A media roundtable with experts and the rapporteur will take place on Tuesday at 17:30 (Daphne Caruana Galizia Press conference room). A press conference is scheduled on Wednesday, 14:30. (Tuesday, Wednesday)

Climate protection. By 2030, CO2 emitted by transport, farming, buildings and waste must be cut by 30% in the EU, and any deforestation in the EU will have to be balanced out by planting new trees, according to a set of draft rules to be approved by Parliament. This is to ensure the EU meets its overall collective pledge, under the Paris Agreement on climate change. A press conference will take place after Tuesday’s vote, at 15:00. (Monday, Tuesday)

Organic Food. MEPs will discuss and vote on new rules on production, controls and labelling of organic food in the EU. The new rules aim at making it easier for small farmers to convert to organic productions and increase overall output in the EU, while ensuring that organic imports comply with highest EU standards. A press conference will take place on Wednesday at 15:00. (Wednesday, Thursday)

Car approvals. Following the scandal of emissions cheating by carmakers, new rules to ensure that cars on the roads are clean and safe have been informally agreed with member states to allow for stricter controls and tougher sanctions.  (Wednesday, Thursday)

Discharge and appointment of Commission Secretary General.  MEPs will conclude their scrutiny of the management of the 2016 budget by the EU Institutions and specialised agencies, covering 53 reports in total. There will also be a separate vote the same day on a resolution on the integrity of the Commission’s appointment of its Secretary General. (Wednesday)

Energy efficiency in buildings. Under new rules to be approved on Tuesday, member states will have to develop national long-term strategies to support the renovation of residential and non-residential buildings, to achieve CO2 neutral building stock by 2050.

Facebook. The abuse of Facebook data by Cambridge Analytica, in the light of European rules to protect personal data and online privacy, will be up for a debate on Wednesday, at 15:00. MEPs will discuss whether the European laws are an effective shield against personal data abuse and election manipulation.

Ján Kuciak/Safety of journalists. To wrap-up the March plenary debate on the murder of Slovac investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová, press freedom and how to ensure the safety of journalists, MEPs will vote on a resolution and call for a thorough independent investigation and better EU protection for whistle blowers. (Thursday)

President’s Diary. On Tuesday morning, President Tajani will have a bilateral meeting with French president Emanuel Macron at 9:30 followed by a brief statement to the press.

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