This week in the Parliament

Parliamentary committees vote this week on proposals to keep the gas supply secure, counteract propaganda from countries the EU, curb the spread of plant pests and fight against wildlife trafficking. The budget committee is also due to vote on the EU’s budget for next year, while Parliament will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Lux Film Prize. Finally the three finalists for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought will be revealed this week.


The industry and energy committee votes on plans to strengthen cooperation between EU countries so that they help each other in the case of a gas crisis n Thursday.

The budget committee votes on its position on the EU’s budget for next year on Wednesday. Members call for sufficient funds to tackle the migration crisis and promote economic growth, fight youth unemployment and also for more spending on research and infrastructure projects.

On Monday the foreign affairs committee votes on proposals to counteract aggressive disinformation campaigns from countries such as Russia and non-state actors such as Islamic State. Examples include raising awareness, supporting independent media, but also increasing information literacy among Europeans.

On Wednesday, MEPs debate the pros and cons of the Comprehensive Economic and trade Agreement (CETA) between EU and Canada together with farmers and business and trade unions representatives. The agreement cannot enter into force unless the Parliament approves it.

The agriculture committee votes on new rules to curb the influx of plant pests such as Xylella Fastidiosa on Thursday, including how to identify and deal with dangerous plans quickly and help EU countries to better tackle outbreaks.

The environment committee vote on a proposal to intensify the fight against wildlife trafficking and trade in products such as ivory, rhinoceros horns and pangolins on Thursday


On Monday, Parliament celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Lux film prize. British director Ken Loach will discuss the role for European cinema in tomorrow’s Europe with members of Parliament’s culture committee. From 15.30 CET you can follow our Facebook Live session with directors Céline Sciamma and Andrea Segre.

On Monday and Tuesday, winners of the Charlemagne Youth Prize visit the Parliament in Brussels where they will meet members of the culture committee as well as President Martin Schulz. The prize is awarded every year to projects by young people that promote mutual understanding and cooperation between countries.

On Tuesday, the three finalists for this year’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought are revealed following a vote by the foreign affairs and development committees.

The winners of this year’s European Citizen’s Prize come to Brussels for an award ceremony on Wednesday that will celebrate their contribution to Europe.