TRADE: Commission imposes more anti-dumping measures on steel products from China

The Commission decided to impose definitive anti-dumping duties on imports of steel road wheels originating in China. The duties ranging between 50.3% and 66.4% will be in place as of tomorrow and will remain in place for a 5-year period. They will restore the level playing field for the European steel road wheels industry that has suffered from the dumped imports from China. The investigation launched in February 2019 focused on Chinese exports of steel wheels for passenger cars, road tractors, trailers of road tractors, buses, and fire fighting vehicles. It confirmed that in 2018 the Chinese producers exported to the Union more than 2 million steel road wheels at dumped prices leading to losses for European producers and endangering around 3000 EU jobs. On that basis, the Commission decided to impose definitive duties, which will replace the provisional duties in place since October 2019. The measures are part of consistent EU action aiming to ensure fair conditions for EU steel producers, as laid out in the Commission communication of 2016 setting a strategy to preserve sustainable jobs and grow in the EU steel sector. The EU has to the date put in place 52 trade defence measures on steel products, 28 of which concern products imported from China. For more information, please see the Regulation imposing definitive anti-dumping measures, more details on the case details and history of the proceeding.