Trade: Commission publishes first trade defence measures based on new anti-dumping methodology


The Commission today published its first anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures based on the new anti-dumping methodology for imports from countries with significant market distortions. The measures published today will ensure fair market conditions for EU producers of organic coated steel, used mainly in the construction sector. The measures on Chinese imports put in place initially in 2013 will now be extended for another 5-year period. The duties range from 13.7% to 58.3%. This is one more example of the Commission’s consistent action to support the European steel industry when confronted with unfair trade, in line with a strategy adopted in 2016 to handle consequences of the global overcapacity crisis. 52 EU anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures currently in place concern steel products and shield 141,000 direct jobs in the sector. The value of the European market of organics coated steel is estimated for €4 billion.