Trade: EU agri-food exports continue growing at record pace


The latest monthly agri-food trade report published today shows that a strong increase in exports observed from the beginning of the year continues. According to the latest monthly data available (May 2019), agri-food exports are now doing 13% better than a year ago. The best performing exports include pork meat, spirits and liqueurs, wine and vermouth, and infant food. The most significant export growth was register for the U.S., China, as well as Japan and Canada, two partners with whom the EU has recent trade agreements in place. A less significant (6%) increase in import value was mostly due to trends for oilcakes, cocoa beans, tropical fruit and vegetable oils and imports from the U.S., China and Ukraine. See the full report for more details including evolution of trade balance for each product category and the main trading partners from June 2018 to May 2019.