Trade negotiations: Commission publishes report and text proposals following third negotiation round with Indonesia

As part of its commitment to a more transparent trade policy the Commission today published a report summarising the progress made during the latest negotiating round for the EU-Indonesia trade agreement. In addition, the Commission published eight initial text proposals the EU submitted to Indonesia ahead of the round, together with accompanying explanatory memos. The round report includes more details on all areas of the negotiations, including trade in goods, services, investment and technical barriers to trade. The negotiations continue to show good engagement from both partners. The teams have progressed onto text-based discussions on nearly all chapters, meaning that most issues can be covered in greater depth. The talks also provided an extensive to-do list that will be followed up ahead of the next round. The latest round of talks with Indonesia took place from 11-15 September 2017 in Brussels. The next round will be held in Indonesia at the beginning of 2018. The recent Commission proposals made in the course of the negotiations can also be accessed through the dedicated transparency page. More information on EU-Indonesia talks is available on the website of DG Trade.