Turkey and refugees: debates on visas, reviewing Dublin, and restoring Schengen

Visa liberalisation for Turkey, migration and the impact of the refugee crisis on internal borders in the Schengen area will be the focus of three plenary debates with Commission First Vice-President Timmermans and Commissioner Avramopoulos and the Dutch Presidency, starting at 15.00.

MEPs will assess the European Commission’s proposal to review the Dublin regulation, which determines the country responsible for processing an asylum application. They will then discuss with the Council and the Commission how to restore the functioning of the passport-free Schengen area after several member states reimposed checks at internal borders.

On asylum, the Commission’s opening contribution will be given by Mr Timmermans and its closing one by Mr Avramopoulos.

On Schengen and Turkey, only Mr Avramopoulos will speak for the Commission.

Turkey: preconditions for visa liberalisation must be met

Starting at around 18.00, MEPs will exchange views with Commission and Council representatives on Turkey’s progress towards visa liberalisation. On 4 May, the Commission proposed granting a visa waiver for Turkish nationals, even though Ankara has yet to fulfil all the requirements. Parliament’s political group leaders said that MEPs want the EU’s preconditions to be met before any legislative work on visa liberalisation can be undertaken.

Any visa liberalisation measures would need to be co-decided by Parliament and the Council.

You can watch the plenary debates via EP Live, and EbS+.