Ukraine: Commission presents guidance to help people fleeing war access jobs, training and adult learning

Since the beginning of Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine and its civilians, over 7 million people have fled Ukraine and reached the EU. So far, only a relatively small number of those of working age have entered the EU labour market, though the number of people wanting to do so is expected to rise. Ensuring a swift and effective integration into the labour market is important both for host communities and for those fleeing the war to rebuild their lives, continue developing their skills and, eventually, support reconstruction in Ukraine. The Commission issued guidance yesterday presenting measures that can be taken by Member States based on lessons learnt and best practices gathered so far, and building on previous measures at EU level, to integrate people arriving from Ukraine into the labour market; and support their access to vocational education and training (VET) and adult learning. The guidance also features several concrete examples of EU-funded projects that can serve as inspiration for Member States’ initiatives in this area and help ensure that they make the best use of support available at EU level. The guidance covers both people eligible for temporary protection under the Temporary Protection Directive as well as those eligible for adequate protection under national law. A press release is available online.