UN-EU strategic partnership on peace operations and crisis management: Council conclusions on priorities for 2022-2024

The Council approved conclusions today endorsing the new priorities for the 2022-2024 period under the UN-EU strategic partnership on peace operations and crisis management.

The Council reiterates the firm commitment made by the EU and its member states to uphold the multilateral rules-based global order with the United Nations at its core, and it commends the achievements and recognises the mutually beneficial nature of the longstanding UN-EU cooperation on peacekeeping and civilian, police and military crisis management.

The Council welcomes the extended scope of the priorities, which aim to respond more effectively to the evolving threat landscape and cross-cutting challenges such as climate change, disruptive technologies and misinformation, and the consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the Council welcomes the inclusion of the matter of children and armed conflict as a cross-cutting priority, as well as the increased attention to the Youth, Peace and Security agenda and the enhanced joint UN-EU efforts on the Women, Peace and Security agenda and gender equality.

The conclusions stress that partnering with the UN helps the EU play its role as a security provider and a global peace and security actor in support of effective multilateralism.

The EU provides the UN with political support as well as expertise, financial backingand political leverage to deliver on UN mandates. Close cooperation helps UN and EU missions and operations act more effectively to ensure they have an impact on the ground. It has a multiplier effect and enables the EU to deliver on its integrated approach.