Visa: Commission adopts proposals for visa measures to foster readmission cooperation

Yesterday, the Commission adopted proposals for visa measures with The Gambia and Ethiopia. Considering the progress made since 2022 on readmission cooperation by The Gambia, the Commission has now proposed to revoke the increased visa fee for nationals of The Gambia.

The first set of measures, previously adopted in 2021, remains in place for The Gambia. In addition, the Commission has adopted a proposal for visa measures towards Ethiopia in order to improve cooperation on readmission. Under the revised Visa Code, the Commission annually assesses readmission cooperation with non-EU countries.

In July 2021, the Commission had proposed measures to foster readmission cooperation in relation to The Gambia, Bangladesh andIraq. In November 2022, the Commission had proposed similar measures in relation to Senegal and to increase the visa fee for The Gambia.
The Commission continues its engagement with third countries in line with readmission instruments with relevant partners, including those for which it has proposed visa measures. Likewise, the Commission updates Member States on the state of play of this cooperation.

The Commission proposals to the Council on visa measures take into account the Union’s overall relations with the countries concerned.