Western Balkans are not included in the EU’s contracts to procure the future COVID-19 vaccines

The European Commission has so far signed several preliminary contracts to secure vaccines that are under development and testing against COVID-19 by several different companies, but these contracts currently cover only member states of the European Union and it is not yet known if the countries of the Balkans will benefit, reports Euronews Albania.

Asked if the European Commission is holding talks with Balkan countries to donate these potential vaccines, in case they prove to be effective and enter the market, or if they have been advised to make their own efforts to secure them, the Spokesperson of the European Commission Tim McPhie responded that he is not aware of such talks with the six countries of the region.

“Currently I do not have any specific information about contacts with any of those countries. What I can tell you is that the contracts we have signed will secure vaccines for all EU member states, as well as donations to low- and middle-income countries, or redirect vaccines to other European countries. But I repeat that I do not have more details about any particular conversation with the six countries you mentioned, but I will search and answer your question in case there is anything more,” said Tim McPhie, EC Spokesperson, to Euronews Albania.