Special Event – Project UNIT-e presentation & the panel debate on the way forward for cleaner road transport

Speakers: Plantet Gregory, Egenhofer Christian, France Van Der Valk Marie, Volkery Axel
Moderator: Belin Hughes

We are delighted to invite you to an afternoon discussion followed by a debate on the way forward for cleaner road transport, which will be held on the 26th of June at the premises of The Office, rue d’Arlon, 80, Brussels.

This event will consist of a presentation on the results of the UNIT-e project, from 15.00 to 18.00, followed by a panel debate on the way forward for cleaner road transport, from 18.30 to 20.00.

The reception for the panel debate will start at 18.00.

The entire event will be moderated by Hughes Belin, freelance journalist.

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UNIT-E Session (15.00-18.00)

15.00 > 15.05 | Introduction |

  • Patrick GAGNOL, Electric Mobility Project Manager, EDF


15.05 > 15.20 | Keynote speech |

  • Richard FERRER, Senior Project Manager, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), European Commission


15.20 > 15.30 | UNIT-e project |

  • Patrick GAGNOL, Electric Mobility Project Manager, EDF


15.30 > 16.05 EV market outlook and needs in term of charging infrastructure by EV manufacturers

  • Odile GARÇON, Project Director, Electrical Vehicle Program, Infrastructures & Connected Services, Renault (France)
  • Kiyoko KURABAYASHI, EU Affairs Manager, Nissan (France)
  • Dr. Abayomi Otubushin, Corporate and Governmental Affairs, Representative Office Brussels, BMW Group (Germany)


16.05 > 16.45 Operators vision & UNIT-e implementation

  • Lucas MALACARNE, Project Manager EM, Sodetrel (France)
  • Geert LEPPENS, Customer Experience Manager, EDF Luminus (Belgium)
  • Andrea TREBIANI, Business Development Manager, ABB (Italy)
  • Simon CROWFOOT, Board Director, Ecotricity (UK)


16.45 > 17h00  COFFEE BREAK

17.00 > 17.50

The Italian recharging infrastructure situation 

  • Pier Giuseppe NASO RAPPIS, General Secretary, IIC Istituto Nazionale delle Comunicazioni (Italy)


Cross-border interoperability: assessment and recommendations 

  • Gilles CRAGUE and Anne GUILLEMOT, Researchers, Ecole des Ponts (France)


French Operator association AFIREVs’ vision: European interoperability issues

  • Gilles BERNARD, President AFIREV Association Nationale pour le Développement de la Mobilité Électrique (France)


Round table:  eMobility services and interoperability in Europe

  • Patrick Gagnol (EDF),
  • Gilles Bernard (AFIREV),
  • Eric van Voorden (Last Mile Solution),
  • Simon Crowfoot (Ecotricity),
  • Odile Garçon (Renault) and
  • Kiyoko Kurabayashi (Nissan).


17.50 > 18.00 Future: towards high power « 350 kW » fast charging stations? 

  • Patrick GAGNOL, Electric Mobility Project Manager EDF (France)
  • Andrea TREBIANI, Business Development Manager ABB (Italy)


18.00 > 18.15 UNIT-e session closure by the European Commission

  • Helmut MORSI, Advisor to Director “Investments, Innovative & Sustainable Transport”, DG MOVE,  European Commission


18.00 > 18.15  COFFEE BREAK


18.15 > 18.30 | Registrations |

18.30 > 18.40 | Keynote speech |

  • Ismail Ertug MEP (S&D/DE), Member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism, European Parliament


18.40 >19.45  | Panel discussion |

  • Claire DEPRE, Head of Unit, DG MOVE C3, Intelligent Transport Systems, European Commission
  • Ismail Ertug MEP (S&D/DE), Member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism, European Parliament
  • Gregory PLANTET, Chief Financial Officer, Sodetrel
  • Christian EGENHOFER, Director Energy Climate House, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
  • Marie France Van Der Valk, Director European Affairs and Representation to the European Institutions alliance, Renault Nissan


19.45 > 20.00 | Question & Answer session |

  • The debate will be moderated by Hughes Belin, freelance journalist.


20.00 | Networking cocktail |



About the UNIT-e results presentation and the panel debate on the future of electric mobility

Directly affecting public health, especially in city centres, the ever growing emission of CO2, PM and NOx is now high on the political agenda in Europe as well as on a global level. There is now a strong political push towards cleaner mobility. This is opening the field to a wide range of technological developments, for which sound business models still have to be found.

The Commission has recently come out with a set of legislative proposals to decarbonise the transport sector. Electric mobility, the recent progress in batteries allowing to consider the adoption of electric vehicles for intercity journey, is considered part of the solution. The deployment of charging infrastructure to accompany this transition has been supported by the Connecting Europe Facility Program, leading to the existence of fast chargers along mobility corridors in Europe.

From a user’s perspective, this has to be implemented seamlessly, while ensuring a continuity of service when driving across borders. Charging time is also a challenge that must be addressed, compromising between user’s experience and acceptable costs.

This part of the event will present the results of UNIT-e, an EU Project, which deployed the infrastructure and services allowing electric driving from Dublin to Genoa, setting the foundation for an EU-wide interoperability of electro-mobility services.

These presentations will serve as a basis for an open debate between market players and legislators on the way forward for cleaner road transport.

Which is the most adequate infrastructure to support the deployment of electric mobility in Europe? Will the electricity system sustain this additional demand? Are incumbents well-positioned to develop the market or are we awaiting new players? What are the best measures to unleash private investment?


About the UNIT-e project

The European project UNIT-e, co-financed by the European Commission through the CEF program, brings together some important European e-mobility stakeholders such as energy suppliers, constructors, charger suppliers, city operators and academics. These include EDF and its affiliated companies Sodetrel and EDF Luminus, but also Renault, Nissan, BMW, Porto Antico di Genova, IIC (Istituto Internazionale delle Comunicazioni) and ENPC (Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées).

The project foresees the installation of fast charging stations at strategic locations along the Belgian, French, Italian and British motorways. This initiative sets the basis for an operational e-mobility network linking northern and southern Europe.

UNIT-e has created one of the first interoperable fast charging networks for electric vehicles in Europe (close to 300 FC available). It is connected to networks from previous projects including TEN-T, Corri-Door, and RCN. 38 stations «50 kW» have been installed : 5 in France, 6 in the UK, 4 in Italy (+ 4 stations 22 kW on the same sites), 23 in Belgium.

To learn more about the project UNIT-e you can also watch this video.

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