Sustainable mobility, energy and innovation: paths towards a low-emission transport system

Speakers: von Peter Nikolaus, Morsi Helmut, Gagnol Patrick, Virkkunen Henna, Infante Valentina, Chandon Clément
Moderator: Belin Hughes

We are most pleased to invite you to participate in an evening discussion about the challenges of sustainable mobility and the path towards a low-emission transport system in the EU.

Mr Nikolaus von Peter, Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Violeta Bulc, will hold a keynote speech.

The first panel debate will concern urban and electric mobility with our distinguished speakers:

    • Mr Helmut Morsi, Adviser, Transport Network, DG MOVE
    • Mr Patrick Gagnol, Project Manager, EDF – Mobilité Electrique
    • A representative of BYD Auto


The second panel debate will concern land and water transports with our distinguished speakers:

    • Ms Henna Virkkunen MEP (EPP/FI)
    • Ms Valentina Infante, Head of small scale LNG businesses, Edison
    • Mr Clément Chandon, Responsible for Gas Business Development, Iveco


The debate will be moderated by Hughes Belin, freelance journalist.

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This event will be held under the Chatham House Rule. Participants are free to use the information received but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the attendees may be revealed. For this reason, unless explicitly authorised by PubAffairs Bruxelles, the filming and/or the recording of the event by any means are strictly forbidden.

About the debate

Sustainable transport is one of the most promising areas – and challenging issues – that the European Union faces: transport use in Europe is growing and is already directly responsible for a quarter of carbon emissions. In order to improve efficiency and contribute to climate and environmental goals, the European Commission is promoting a strategy that recognises that sustainable transport is ‘an essential component of the broader shift to the low-carbon, circular economy needed for Europe to stay competitive and be able to cater to the needs of people and goods’.

However, the development of a European sustainable transport system requires efforts that are effective across a variety of fronts. If, on the one hand, transport policies need to be synergised with other strategic domains, such as energy, on the other hand, they also need to take into account the multiple ways in which vehicles are used and contribute to emissions, as well as to other forms of pollution. In addition, the development of a fully-fledged sustainable transport system requires that both the supply and demand of innovative and efficient vehicles are adequately supported, while evolutions in urbanisation are planned in a citizen-centred manner. Last but not least, transport policies will have to take into account electric mobility for cities and integrate freight transport by land and sea in order to foster and respond to new consumer behaviours and business models, as well as to take advantage of the new data-rich and hyper-connected world.

As a result, both strategic thinking and tailored solutions will be vital to the development of a sustainable transport system that delivers for Europe in the twenty-first century. Creating this system constitutes an opportunity for the European Union to provide a transformative benefit for its citizens and for innovative companies, service providers and investors to contribute to low-carbon economic growth. The question is therefore: how can the ambitions and strategy of the European Commission be translated into the concrete reality of a low-emission and citizens-centred European transport system?

The event will commence with a welcome drink at 6h15 pm, followed by two panel debates respectively at 6h45 pm and 7.30 pm. After the panel debates there will be an opportunity for questions and discussions.

We look forward to seeing you at 6h15 pm on the 7th of December at Science14 Atrium, rue de la Science 14-B, Brussels.

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