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Joint Transparency Register Secretariat



Citizens can, and indeed should, expect the EU decision-making process to be as transparent and open as possible. The more open the process is, the easier it is to ensure balanced representation and avoid undue pressure and illegitimate or privileged access to information or to decision-makers. Transparency is also a key part of encouraging European citizens to participate more actively in the democratic life of the EU. The transparency register has been set up to answer core questions such as what interests are being pursued, by whom and with what budgets. The system is operated jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission.


Alliance Française Bruxelles -Europe

LogoAF2011_lowThe Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe is a Belgian non-profit association established in 1945. Its core activities are French tuition, educational innovation and the promotion of Francophone cultures and linguistic diversity. Its missions are to teach French, promote French culture and the cultures of French-speaking countries, and champion cultural diversity.


UK in a Changing Europe


The UK in a Changing Europe Initiative promotes rigorous, high-quality and independent research into the complex and ever changing relationship between the UK and the European Union (EU) It provides an authoritative, non-partisan and impartial reference point for those looking for information, insights and analysis about UK-EU relations that stands aside from the politics surrounding the debate. The Initiative’s work is tailored to be easily accessible to policy makers, businesses, journalists, civil society organisations, educational institutions and the general public who are interested in the UK’s relationship with the EU.Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and based at King’s College London, the Initiative will explore the key aspects of UK and EU dynamics


Young European Federalists


The goal of JEF is the creation of a democratic European federation as a crucial ingredient for peace, a guarantee for a more free, just and democratic society and a first step towards a world federation. JEF promotes true European Citizenship, works for the widening and deepening of the EU and strives for a more just and integrated society on the European continent. It is independent from all political parties and ideologies and pursues its objectives autonomously. Nevertheless, the organisation can of course participate in the exchange of opinions and experiences with political movements, public institutions, associations and the general public.

Project 668

Project-668_low Project 668 is a European community of young professionals aiming to fight youth unemployment by promoting professional development.Project 668 aims at being the one stop shop of reference for our community to bridge the gap between young professionals and potential employers.























Logistic Partner


Science14 is a green and modern business premises located in the heart of the European district within a stone’s throw of the DG Research and Innovation and walking distance from the European Parliament.