Vancluysen Karen

Karen Vancluysen was appointed as Secretary General of the Polis network in September 2014, after having been the network’s Research Director for 8 years. Prior to joining Polis in 2004, Karen was network manager at ACCESS-EUROCITIES and project manager at Langzaam Verkeer, a Belgian centre for mobility management. Since 1998, Karen has been involved in European urban transport networking and policy activities and many EU research and innovation projects covering a wide range of urban mobility topics. Polis is the leading European network of cities and regions on urban transport innovation. For over 30 years already, members have been working together to develop sustainable and innovative urban mobility solutions for the city of today and tomorrow. Over the past months, Polis provided a range of dedicated services to its member cities and regions on how to deal with urban mobility during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis and how to ensure a green recovery.